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What is IBchan? IBchan is a simple to use image-based bulletin board where anyone can create, configure and manage their own anonymous imageboard for free without any programming or webhosting knowledge and where you can make money by adding your own ads.
What is an imageboard? An imageboard is a type of internet forum which lets users post text and images anonymously (without name) about any topic, or no topic at all.
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How many imageboards can i create? Over 9000 SFW and/or NSFW imageboards.
The more imageboards you create with content, the more money you can make !
Keep in mind YOU are the moderator of your own created or claimed imageboards, you are responsible of the content posted by you or others !
What kind of content is not allowed ?
- No child porn
- Any pictures of minus 16 years old
- No flooding of any kind except for different images, if you flood with the same image you will be banned.
- Harming someone in any way (harrassing and ruining people life) this include revenge porn.
- Bdsm and other weirdness is ok
- For voyeur content make sure the person you spy on, stay anonymous. For example: hide the face

If you don't comply with our rules you will be permanently banned accessing this site and you can't appeal your ban.
Also if you post underage content you will be added to our Wall of shame
Don't be stupid you can make money with your imageboards or future imageboards.
Does the IBchan staff monitor all the images and comments posted ? Yes, we monitor everything and will delete and/or ban anyone who doesn't comply with the rules.
This also applies to private boards, don't even think to create an imageboard to make it private and post content that violates our rules.
Can i transform my imageboards into a blog ? Yes, we give you the option so you only can start a new thread and let visitors respond to it.
Someone already created the imageboard i want Create a new one maybe you will be more successful, remember you can make money...
My imageboard has been deactivated! If you fail to log in for two month or if no one has posted something in your imageboard.
Your imageboard will be added to the inactive section where anyone can claim your imageboard and take ownership.
How do I make money with IBchan ? You will have the option to add your advertising codes from your chosen advertising network.
Also we provide multiple easy ways to promote your imageboards in your member area
How much money can I make ? As much as you can, there's no limits !
What is the reverse image search ? You can search images posted on ibchan with:

- Your uploaded image
- From an url of the image
- MD5 string
- By name
- By tags

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What is the image viewer ? There's is a link next to each image posted where you can acces the image viewer, on the image viewer you can:
- On what thread the image has been posted
- Find the image source
- Add your own source links of the image, persons in the image, tags
- Search all the imageboards where this picture has been posted and relevant images using our Reverse image search
And ways to promote the image
Why in some posts there's OP written OP posts are replies by the user starting the thread (OPerator)
Can I change my imageboard design ? Yes ! You can change the CSS, and custom your header and footer
Can you add some more features ? Of course we can !
Suggest it on our imageboard we will analyze it.
Can I embed videos ? Only youtube and Vimeo but if you want more help us build it !
Can I upload webm ? Not yet but it is planned, you can always upload it here and post the generated link in the imageboard
Can I post duplicate images ? Yes you can, but if you flood with the same image you will be banned.
Can I add my own rules ? Yes you can, but your imageboards will also be part of our global rules
Is there a mobile app or third-party projects? No, not planned in the future but if you can make it, do it and let us know !
Please do not market your project as "official" or "sponsored" by IBchan, or use the IBchan name or logo to promote them in any way without first obtaining our written permission.
Does IBchan provide an official PC application for uploading images ? Yes we do, and you can download it here !
What are coins ? Coins are similar to virtual currency and can be earned using a variety of methods, or purchased.
The benefit of using coins is that it promotes website activity, and gives the user a more rewarding experience and goal to work toward.
Coins are accumulated per user account, and can be later used to unlock more options or for example access private boards when available.
How do I earn coins ? There are lots of ways, create and confirm your account and check out the coins page in your memberarea.
Can I convert coins to money ? No, coins are made to unlock more options
What is the donate button on my imageboard ? Users who have already an imageboard can donate you coins
Is there an archive available of the created imageboards ? Yes, it will be automatically created once your imageboard has reach the amount of threads you have setup while creating your imageboard.
What will be the limit of the archive ? There will be no limit and the archive will be untouched.
In how many languages can I setup my imageboard ? You can translate your imageboard in all the languages that you want even fictional languages, like Klingon or Na'vi and earn coins while doing so.
Why do I see ads on my imageboard ? By default IBchan ads will be shown, unless you have added your own ads.
Also each time someone click on the image they will see our ad.

IBchan costs money to run, this will help us for server costs, motivation, booze and bitches...
Hey ! At least where honest :)
I do have my own website and want to advertise on IBchan Please see our advertisers page.
I am a spammer and want to spam my link on IBchan Don't be stupid and see our advertisers page we give you a chance or else you will be banned for good.
How is Ibchan run ? is a service that hosts a large selection of imageboards.
These boards are maintained by their respective board owners ( Moderators ), who are not affiliated with the staff.
The staff are responsible for maintaining the site as a whole and protecting it as much as they can from spam and illegal content.
Can I be part of the IBchan staff ? No, but you are the god of your created or claimed imageboards
Any other questions ? ask us at our imageboard