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IBchan Global Rules

By using IBchan, you agree that you'll follow these rules:
- No child porn
- Any pictures of minus 16 years old
- No flooding of any kind except for different images, if you flood with the same image you will be banned.
- Harming someone in any way (harrassing and ruining people life) this include revenge porn.
- Bdsm and other weirdness is ok
- For voyeur content make sure the person you spy on, stay anonymous. For example: hide the face

If you don't comply with our rules you will be permanently banned accessing this site and you can't appeal your ban.
Also if you post underage content you will be added to our Wall of shame
Don't be stupid you can make money with your imageboards or future imageboards.

The IBchan staff monitors everything and reserves the right to revoke access and remove content that can harm our website in any way without notice.